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  1. Broccoli 'Early Purple Sprouting'

    Out of stock

    Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli has been selected for its hardiness and flavour. Heavy cropping it has good quality spears that can be harvested over many weeks. It is one of the most flavoursome of vegetables, standing beside asparagus and globe artichokes. Sweet and delicate, it melts in the mouth.

  2. Broccoli 'Extra Early Purple Sprouting Rudolph'

    Out of stock

    Extra-Early Purple Sprouting 'Rudolph' is bred to perform well in the September to February period but is at its best from November to February. With medium to large, deep purple, succulent spears that have outstanding flavour, team with Cardinal for a longer harvest period.

  3. Italian Green Sprouting Calabrese is a lovely, old fashioned Broccoli variety

    Broccoli 'Italian Green Sprouting'

    Green Sprouting Broccoli
    Heritage (1918)

    This lovely, old fashioned Broccoli variety is a very disease resistant, very hardy and very prolific producer of large dark green heads. Italian Green Sprouting Broccoli is very easy to grow and will produce a number of good-size side shoots once the initial head is harvested.

  4. One of the best ways to enjoy Kailan is to cook it Hong Kong Style, topped with a little oyster sauce.

    Broccoli Kailan 'Kichi'

    Chinese Broccoli, Hon Tsai Tai

    Out of stock

    Kailan is a fantastic vegetable chimera - the florets of broccoli, the stems of asparagus, and leaves like tender collard greens. 'Kichi' is a uniform variety with large blue green waxy leaves and excellent stem and bud eating quality. It has a mild flavour and, best of all can be harvested in only eight weeks.

  5. Broccoli raab, Rapini, Cima di Rapa

    Broccoli raab, Rapini, Cima di Rapa

    Broccoli rabe Sessantina
    Heritage (Italian 1930's)

    Flourishing famously in Mediterranean and Chinese cultures, elsewhere Raab is still a bit of a curiosity. Easy and fast growing, it can be useful as it comes ready when ordinary broccoli isn't available, but this isn't just a replacement for broccoli, it is a great vegetable in its own right.

  6. Broccoli, Calabrese, 'Belstar F1' Organic

    Broccoli, Calabrese, 'Belstar F1' Organic

    Green Broccoli, Heading Broccoli
    Calabrese Broccoli ‘Belstar F1’ is a superb organic variety. The compact plants have round domes, small to medium beads and short flowering stems with a thick main stalk. Ideal for short-stemmed crown cuts or florets they have an excellent flavour. RHS AGM. Organic Seed.
  7. Ironman is a very popular variety with home and market gardeners and is the most widely grown commercial broccoli.

    Broccoli, Calabrese, 'Ironman F1'

    Green Broccoli, Heading Broccoli

    Out of stock

    A vast improvement on the older varieties. Calabrese Ironman F1 possesses the usual advantages of a hybrid - vigorous habit with excellent uniformity and high yields of larger than normal heads. Producing excellent quality, uniform dense heads and a very good dome shape. Harvest late June to November.

  8. ‘Rioja F1’ is a compact, very productive plant with a bushy habit, which produces very high quality, brightly-coloured spears.

    Broccoli, Purple Sprouting 'Rioja F1'

    Purple Sprouting Broccoli

    Bred for its prowess at overwintering, Purple Sprouting Broccoli ‘Rioja F1’ is a compact, very productive plant with a bushy habit, which produces very high quality, brightly-coloured spears. It will give an early spring crop from mid-February if transplanted in July and August.

  9. Broccoli, Purple Sprouting 'Santee F1'  Organic
    Purple Sprouting Broccoli ‘Santee F1’ produces spears from June through to November. It does not require exposure to cold as some of the later varieties do and consequently it will crop in the same year it is planted. Organic Seed.

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