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Oriental Salad Collection

Ten packets of seeds.
Oriental Salad Collection

Ten packets of seeds.

price: €11.94

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Availability: In stock

price: €11.94



The Oriental Salad Collection

Global cuisine and an increasingly culturally diverse population have introduced these piquant greens to grower’s world wide. They are becoming an important crop for the home producer, as so many of which have proved to be ideally suited to the cooler months of autumn and spring when our choice of vegetables is limited. Many have been previously unavailable in seed form; this treasure trove of highly adaptable vegetables is becoming larger each year.

The Oriental Salad Collection brings together ten packs of oriental leaf varieties, suitable for both baby leaf and whole head production they can be harvested anytime during growth.
Extremely hardy, they can be grown in spring or in autumn. Some varieties continue to grow throughout winter, with little or no protection and can even be harvested from beneath snow.

The Oriental Salad Collection contains ten packs of seeds at a discounted price.

Pak Choi 'Canton White'
Dwarf Canton White is a short and squat variety, often known as Baby or Squat Pak Choi. With a compact habit, this fast growing vegetable can be harvested at any stage, for 'baby leaf or left to mature to thick succulent white stems.

Tatsoi 'Tah Tsai'
Tatsoi or Rosette Pak Choi is among the most popular of oriental greens. The spoon-shaped, dark green, evenly spaced leaves form a plant worthy to be grown for its decorative value alone. Given enough room the plants will form beautiful wide rosettes of regular, concentric circles.

Mizuna 'Kyona'
The marvellous Mizuna is an oriental wonder! It grows as a large rosette of finely serrated, feathery leaves, which are dark, glossy green, similar to rocket leaves. A very hardy plant, being both heat and cold tolerant, it usually grows better in moist conditions.

Mibuna is a delicate and unusual plant that has been grown for centuries in Japan. It is best enjoyed in baby leaf salads where its addictive flavour can shine, or in stir-fries for a milder taste. Perfect for “cut and come” scissor harvest.

Komatsuna 'Rapido'
Komatsuna one of the least known of the Oriental greens, but it is possibly Japan's most beloved vegetable. 'Rapido' is an outdoor pollinated variety. Uniform with quick growing firm leaves. If you are looking for an all-season green that is easy to grow, you might want to give Komatsuna a try.

Kailan 'Kichi'
Kailan is a fantastic vegetable chimera - the florets of broccoli rabe, the stems of asparagus, and leaves like tender collard greens. 'Kichi' is a uniform variety with large blue green waxy leaves and excellent stem and bud eating quality. It has a mild flavour and, best of can be harvested in only eight weeks.

Chinese Cabbage 'Michihili
'Michihili' is a softer, loose leaf form of Chinese Cabbage. It has dense, narrow leaves with a deeper green outer colour with lighter green interior leaves with wide, flat white ribs. It produces a cylindrical, leafy head of 40cm long, a little more akin to a large romaine lettuce than to our familiar cabbages.

Mustard 'Red Giant'
Boasting magnificent, savoyed, purple-red leaves edged and veined pale green. Mustard ‘Red Giant’ is a vigorous growing broad leaf variety. Commonly found in mesclun mixes, the leaves are slightly textured and the mild mustard flavour is fresh and zesty.

Garlic or Chinese chives
A relatively new vegetable in the English-speaking world but well-known in Asian cuisine, the flavour of garlic chives is more like garlic than chives, though much milder. Both leaves and the stalks of the flowers are used a stir fry ingredient. The flowers may also be used as a spice.

Spinach 'F1 Fuji'
This delicious type of spinach has far eastern influences. Oriental spinach has attractive serrated leaves and is suitable for growing all year round for baby, teen and bunching production. Use it in the same way as regular spinach, chop into stir fries, add to salads or steam.

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Common Name Ten packets of seeds.

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