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Specimen Plants

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  1. There are many ancient wisteria vines growing throughout the world, this is the widest wisteria at Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi, Japan.

    Wisteria sinensis

    Chinese wisteria

    Wisteria sinensis is surely the most distinctive of climbers and by far the most captivating when in bloom. This hardy climber will give stunning displays every year. Bearing large pendent clusters of fragrant violet-lavender flowers in late spring to early summer, the foliage appears once the flowers are over.

  2. Strelitzia reginae

    Strelitzia reginae

    The Bird of Paradise
    The unusually beautiful shape and brilliant colors of Birds of Paradise have made these flowers not just a designer's favorite, but also a popular symbol of paradise. The plant bears a unique flower that resembles a brightly coloured bird in flight, the fascinating blooms make wonderful, long lasting cut flowers.
  3. Strelitzia nicolai

    Strelitzia nicolai

    White Bird of Paradise

    Named after the Russian Emperor Nicholas I, Strelitzia nicolai, the 'White Bird of Paradise' is native to South Africa. It is a very dramatic, impressive specimen plant. The foliage is large and sword like, rather like a banana tree and the trunk resembles a palm. The flower is white with a light blue 'tongue' and sits in a purplish bract.

  4. Stipa gigantea, the Golden Oat grass ranks among the finest of all garden plants.

    Stipa gigantea

    Golden Oats
    Stipa gigantea is the most dramatically beautiful of all grasses. It has the wonderful and fashionably transparent quality of providing height without bulk, tall stems of golden oat-like flowers allow glimpses into the garden beyond.
  5. Ricinus communis 'Carmencita'

    Out of stock

    Ricinus communis 'Carmencita' is an outstanding new variety with shiny dark brown foliage. The palmate leaves have deeply incised lobes and grow 30 to 75cm (12 to 30in) across. The plants have red stems and in late summer clusters of bright red blooms are followed by stunning scarlet seeds pods.

  6. 'The Dwarf Pomegranate' is one of the best compact, ornamental shrubs for courtyards and small gardens.
    The Dwarf Pomegranate is one of the best compact, ornamental shrubs for courtyards and small gardens, its compact size makes it suitable to containers. Producing breathtaking orange/red trumpet-shaped flowers which are followed by orange/red fruit.

  7. With its long period of flowering, Phlomis russeliana is a justifiably popular plant.

    Phlomis russeliana

    Jerusalem Sage, Turkish Sage
    Phlomis russeliana is a justifiably popular plant, with lovely sage-like rosettes of heart shaped leaves. From late spring, right through to early autumn, whorls of hooded, soft yellow flowers appear. Each plant can contain as many as fifty individual blooms creating a magnificent candelabra effect.
  8. Paulownia tormentosa is known by many names; regardless of what you want to call it, there is no doubt about its impressive ornamental features.

    Paulownia tomentosa

    Royal Paulownia, Empress, Princess or Foxglove Tree
    Paulownia puts on an awe inspiring show in spring. Its soft chamois velvet buds open into large violet to blue, trumpet-like blossoms which fill the air with a sweet fragrance. Huge downy leaves appear after the flowers have opened. They are an architectural delight.
  9. Boston ivy is a wonderful ornamental vine with elegant, dark green glossy foliage which is replaced with a vivid range of crimson reds in autumn.

    Parthenocissus tricuspidata veitchii 'Boston Ivy'

    Boston Ivy, Bostonian Ivy, Wall Ivy

    Out of stock

    Boston ivy is a wonderful ornamental vine. The elegant, dark green glossy foliage is replaced with a vivid range of crimson reds in autumn. Sensational for covering walls, fences and arbors. If allowed, it will grow to impressive size and can turn the most mundane masonry building into a stately wall of foliage.
  10. Muhlenbergia lindheimeri bloom with panicles of muted purplish grey tones, aging to an antique silver that festoon the winter landscape.

    Muhlenbergia lindheimeri

    Lindheimer's Muhly Grass

    Out of stock

    Muhlenbergia lindheimeri is a warm-season grass that has a strong vertical form with effusive, arching, blue-green foliage. It sends forth slender, perfect-for-cutting inflorescences on upright stems. Panicles of muted purplish grey tones that age to an antique silver and festoon the winter landscape.

  11. Muhlenbergia capillaris display dramatic arching plumes of soft pink flowers,  reminiscent of headdresses worn by Vegas showgirls.

    Muhlenbergia capillaris 'Pink Muhly Grass'

    Mist grass, Pink Hair Grass

    Out of stock

    Even people who aren’t familiar with ornamental grasses often know Muhlenbergia capillaris. With dramatic arching plumes of soft pink flowers reminiscent of headdresses worn by Vegas showgirls, a large planting of this wonderful grass is enough to stop traffic.

  12. Molinia caerulea ssp.arundinacea feature clumps of arching foliage and tall, see-through flower spikes.

    Molinia caerulea ssp. arundinacea

    Tall Moor Grass, Purple Moor Grass

    Few other grasses have such a great separation between foliage and flowers than Molinia caerulea ssp. arundinaceae. With clumps of arching, blue-green leaves above which the most slender stems and delicate see-through flowers grow to six foot or more. In autumn they turn golden yellow to deep copper.

  13. Milium effusum Aureum takes on an almost magical quality, bringing incandescent light to the shady places it prefers.

    Milium effusum 'Aureum'

    Bowles Golden Grass
    Milium effusum Aureum has a magical quality, bringing incandescent light to the shady places it prefers. As the season progresses tiny golden, bead-like flowers on hair-thin stems arch gracefully creating fountains of gold.
  14. Climate change is partly responsible for this plant's popularity, but just as significant is our increasing sense of adventure as gardeners.
    The lush growth, coupled with the large, glaucous leaves of Melianthus major has made it as fashionable as tree ferns. If you don't want to mimic the rain forest, try growing it amongst slender-leaved grasses and perennials. The plants add texture and provide a good background to bright colours in the garden.
  15. Hosta ventricosa is sturdy and dependable and fills a niche in garden designs that few other plants can achieve.

    Hosta ventricosa

    Corfu Lily

    Out of stock

    Hosta ventricosa is a very special species. In Japan it is named 'Murasaki Giboshi' meaning ‘dark-purple flowered Hosta’. Sturdy and dependable, the plant forms a medium sized mound of rich, dark green foliage with deeply veined, heart-shaped leaves.
  16. Gunnera is one of the biggest and most spectacular, architectural, herbaceous plants, commonly thought of as giant rhubarb.

    Gunnera manicata

    Giant Rhubarb

    Out of stock

    Gunnera is one of the biggest and most spectacular, architectural, herbaceous plants. With gigantic, deeply lobed, deep green leaves, they look best standing as specimen plants or beside a large pond where the reflections reveal the undersides of the leaves
  17. It colours up with a great mound of yellow-green that lasts the best part of a month, fading gracefully for a month or so after.

    Euphorbia polychroma

    Cushion spurge, Many-coloured spurge.
    Euphorbias give us some of the best early spring herbaceous colour, but Euphorbia polychroma has the most impact. This compact variety grows to only 50cm with a great mound of yellow-green flowers in spring and echoes the daffodils.
  18. Euphorbia characias forms a natural rounded shape, and brings structure and an architectural quality to the garden, while the colour and texture offer almost endless contrast possibilities.

    Euphorbia characias subsp wulfenii

    Mediterranean Spurge

    Out of stock

    One of the grandest of plants, Euphorbia characias 'Wulfenii' has upright stems clothed with whorls of fleshy, mat grey-green leaves that lend the whole plant a textural quality that is unparalleled. From March to June the plants are topped with intense chartreuse-green flowers'.

  19. Echium russicum is a remarkable species from Russia it has a unique flower colour for its genus.

    Out of stock

    For anyone who wants something different for the border next year, I should like to introduce Echium russicum. A remarkable hardy species that has a unique flower colour for its genus. In July to August multiple throngs of striking upright spires, bearing crimson flowers emerge from a basal rosette of hairy leaves.

  20. Deschampsia cespitosa 'Pixie Fountain'

    'Pixie Fountain' is a dwarf variety of Deschampsia cespitosa, just as pretty as its larger cousin. The flower stems growing to a height of 60cm. Perfect for many situations, adding dimension, texture, and a breezy quality to the garden.

  21. Deschampsia cespitosa is a lovely variety of ornamental grass especially valued for it’s tall flower plumes.

    Deschampsia cespitosa

    Tufted Hairgrass

    Deschampsia cespitosa is a lovely variety of ornamental grass especially valued for it’s tall flower plumes. The sprays of airy delicate flowers, eventually changing to bronze add texture and colour to the winter garden and deliver a knock-out punch to cut-flower arrangements.

  22. The Umbrella Plant is a very popular house plant and commonly grown as a marginal pond plant.

    Cyperus alternifolius is a very popular both as a house plant and pond plant. The bracts are symmetrically arranged in an umbrella formation and held atop elegant stems that sway with the breeze, giving a tropical touch to the garden. They are also excellent when used in fresh or dried floral arrangements.

  23. Crambe maritima 'Lilywhite'

    Crambe maritima 'Lilywhite'

    Seakale, Wildflower of Britain and Ireland
    Ancient Crop.

    Out of stock

    Crambe maritima is a lovely dual purpose plant. This delicacy from the olden days has a unique delicate flavour, forced Seakale is a real delicacy. In the garden, it can be grown as an eye-catching and fragrant border plant. It has perhaps the most beautiful of all large glaucous leaves.
  24. Crambe are all about stature. Plant them and stand well back.

    Crambe cordifolia

    Heartleaf crambe

    Out of stock

    I like magnificence in the garden. Either those plants which over perform, or those which are so rare that they stop one in ones tracks, or those that designers call 'statement plants'. Crambe cordifolia is one such plant. All about stature, plant them and stand well back.

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