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  1. This perennial relative of the sweet pea is justifiably popular for its masses of pure white flowers which bloom over a long period throughout the summer month.

    Lathyrus latifolius 'White Pearl'

    Perennial Sweet Pea, Everlasting Sweet Pea

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    This perennial Sweet Pea has masses of gorgeous pure white flowers. Easy to grow, it requires little care and will quickly cover arbors, trellis or fences with perfect foliage and tresses of flowers all summer. A stunning flower that comes back year after year.
  2. The fragrant flowers of Ipomoea alba open quickly at night, releasing sweet perfume into the evening air.

    Ipomoea alba 'Moonflower'


    Throughout the summer, large, pure white flowers of Ipomoea alba open quickly at night, releasing sweet perfume into the evening air. Position near to your patio where you can enjoy the fragrant scent in the evening. A wonderful plant for a moth, night, or fragrance garden, the large white blooms appear to illuminate the garden

  3. Iberis umbellata 'White' are covered with dense clusters of flowers throughout summer.

    Iberis umbellata 'White' Candytuft

    Annual or Globe Candytuft

    Iberis umbellata is a popular and easily-grown annual plant that is perhaps more versatile than you might imagine. Considered one of the best for edging purposes, they are also invaluable for underplanting, for rock gardens and containers. Easy to grow and fast to flower, this fragrant hardy annual will quickly cover any unsightly bare spots in the garden.

  4. Iberis sempervirens is low-growing perennial and an early season favorite.

    Iberis sempervirens 'Snowflake'

    Perennial or Evergreen Candytuft
    Iberis sempervirens is an early season favorite. This low bushy plant produces mounds of blinding white flowers in spring to early summer. An all round tough plant suitable for problem areas, use for containers, for pathways and crevices of ornamental walls.
  5. Hyssop is an aromatic herb similar to rosemary or lavender which is enjoying a revival with home gardeners.

    Hyssopus officinalis 'Alba' is a much less well known variety of hyssop. Also known as 'White Hyssop' the plants sport bright white flowers from July to October. Widely used as a 'taste enhancing' herb or wildlife plant, the plants are a dark, vibrant green with a spiky, upright habit and narrow tongue-like leaves which have a peppery scent when stroked.

  6. Dame's Rocket shoots up quickly in spring and enters full bloom by May.

    Hesperis matronalis alba

    White Sweet Rocket, Dames Violet, Summer Lilac.

    Gorgeously scented pure white flowers are held above rosettes of dark green leaves. Like all sweet rockets it is highly attractive to bees and other beneficial insects, the fragrant flowers perfume the air in late spring and early summer evenings. The night-scented stock is a close relative.

  7. White Flowers....despite being called the "Black Hellebore"

    Helleborus niger

    Christmas Rose, Christmas Hellebore, Black Hellebore

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    Helleborus niger is smaller and more compact than any of its relatives and is the first in bloom, producing a succession of delicate white flowers throughout winter. It is a welcome sight when the snow thaws to see something so pretty in bloom.
  8. Helichrysum bracteatum 'White'

    Helichrysum bracteatum 'White'

    Strawflower, Everlasting, Paper Daisy, Immortelle

    Helichrysum bracteatum is the most well known and is probably the best of all the everlasting flowers. They make one of the finest subjects for bouquets, apart from being useful for beds and borders. It is the cut flower grower's staple, producing tall vigorous branching plants that are filled with large papery flowers.

  9. Gypsophila paniculata 'Snowflake'

    Gypsophila paniculata 'Snowflake'

    Double Flowered Babys Breath

    Gypsophila paniculata 'Snowflake' is a pretty double-flowered baby’s breath that offers big airy clouds of white blooms in early summer. The flower panicles are strong-stemmed, compact and bloom a bit earlier than standard forms. Each stem has hundreds of tiny white flowers on wire-thin branches, giving an airy, soft impression.

  10. Gypsophila elegans 'Covent Garden'

    Gypsophila has recently become rather trendy among celebrity and designer florists, even taking centre stage as the main flower focus of bouquets and arrangements. 'Covent Garden' produces hundreds of tiny, single white flowers on wire-thin branches, giving an airy impression.

  11. Godetia grandiflora 'Duchess of Albany' has pure white silky, satiny petals that are simply gorgeous.

    Godetia grandiflora 'Duchess of Albany'

    Clarkia, Farewell to Spring

    Godetia grandiflora 'Duchess of Albany' Godetia grandiflora produces pure white, cup-shaped blooms that cluster atop 45cm (18in) stems. The petals appear very delicate, they are sheer and almost translucent with a remarkable silky softness yet are quite durable and hardy.

  12. This architectural and eye catching plant bears generously clusters of ivory-white blooms.

    Eupatorium fistulosum f. albidum 'Ivory Towers'

    Hollow Joe Pye weed, Queen of the Meadow
    Introduced in 2010, Eupatorium ‘Ivory Towers’ is relatively new to our gardens yet has already been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit . This architectural plant bears generously clusters of ivory-white blooms which are long-lasting and beloved by butterflies. Given an early sowing, will flower the first year.
  13. Eschscholzia californica 'Ivory Castle'

    This is a lovely cultivar of the California poppy, the blooms of 'Ivory Castle' boasts single, creamy white blooms. One of the easiest and most colourful annuals to grow from seed, they bloom profusely from mid summer until frosts. Extremely attractive to bees, they are breathtaking in massed plantings or containers.

  14. In summer Echium 'White Bedder' bears the most beautiful dense spikes of exquisite, pure white flowers.

    If you don’t want plants that honeybees simply visit, but want to select plants that honeybees clearly love, choose Echium for your garden. Echium 'White Bedder' bears the most beautiful dense spikes of exquisite, pure white flowers. Make successive sowings for continuous flowering throughout the summer.

  15.  Echinacea purpurea 'White Swan' is a particularly striking dancer in the garden ballet.

    Echinacea purpurea var. 'White Swan'

    White Cone Flower or Coneflower

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    Every garden needs a number of bomb-proof plants that flower over an extended period, need little attention, are attractive to bees and butterflies, are suitable for cutting and drying, and blend happily with almost anything. Echinacea 'White Swan' is a particularly striking dancer in the garden ballet.

  16. Pure white foxgloves are a supremely elegant plant.

    Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora.

    Pure White Foxglove
    The pure unadulterated white form of this English woodlander. Grown as a single colour in a perennial bed they are outstanding for their simplicity alone. Pure white foxgloves are a supremely elegant plant, they lighten up those shaded corners, giving a sense of depth and interest to an otherwise dark area.
  17. One of the most elegant dwarf Foxgloves, Digitalis 'Snow Thimble' is easy to place in the garden border

    Digitalis purpurea 'Snow Thimble' is bred for its large pure-white, bell-shaped blooms, born on short spikes only 100cm tall. It is one of the most elegant dwarf Foxgloves, easy to place in the garden it is especially suited to cottage gardens, shade gardens, wildflower and cutting gardens.

  18. Digitalis “Elsey Kelsey” is one of the best new foxgloves found in recent years.

    Digitalis purpurea 'Elsey Kelsey'

    Foxglove. Aka Pam's Choice
    Digitalis 'Elsey Kelsey' is one of the best new foxgloves found in recent years. Their elegant upright habit, long spikes of flowers and their heavenly white bell shaped flowers with densely speckled throats of deep maroon-purple make impressive features in the garden.
  19. Dierama pulcherrimum is a distinctive-looking perennial with tall arching stems of bell-shaped, flowers.

    Dierama pulcherrimum 'Snowbells'

    Angel Fishing Rods, Fairybells, Hairbells.

    Dierama pulcherrimum album, also known as 'snowbells' is a lovely colour-break in Dieramas. Delicate, tubular, white bells with dark centres, dangle from graceful arching stems. This will be an exceptional addition to any perennial border.

  20. Nodding, pure white heart shaped flowers, dangle enticingly from arching flower stems

    Dicentra spectabilis alba

    Lamprocapnos spectabilis, Bleeding Heart
    This stunning, more rare form of Dicentra with its pure white heart shaped flowers adds charming beauty to the woodland or shade garden. Planted with other shade lovers, it gives a real lift each spring when the delicate heart shaped wonders first appear.
  21. In early summer, tall stems emerge from the foliage from which dense heads of dark ruby red flowers erupt.

    Dianthus pinifolius

    Pineleaf Pink

    Dianthus pinifolius is a rare and unusual dryland species with a very distinctive look. This intriguing dianthus forms compact mounds of blue-green, grass-like foliage. In late spring to early summer, tall stems emerge from the foliage from which dense heads of dark ruby red flowers erupt.

  22. They can be used as a ground cover in gravel gardens or to edge a path or walkway.

    Dianthus deltoides 'Confetti White'

    Maiden Pink. Aka 'Albus'

    Dianthus deltoides ‘Confetti White’ is a quite exceptional little plant. Growing to just 10cm tall it will spread up to 50cm wide. The pure white blooms appear in abundance, just poking their heads above the deep green foliage. In the early morning dew or after a shower of rain they sparkle like clear white diamonds.

  23. Chabaud Carnation ' Jeanne Dionis' is simply glorious.

    Dianthus caryophyllus 'Chabaud Jeanne Dionis'

    Vintage Florists, Scented Carnation

    Boasting ruffled white petticoat-like blooms on strong stems, Dianthus 'Chabaud Jeanne Dionis' has the fullest of flowers. An ideal cut flower and perfect for wedding work, they will bloom all summer long from an early sowing.

  24. Dianthus carthusianorum

    Dianthus carthusianorum

    The Carthusian Pink

    Dianthus carthusianorum provides a splash of bright magenta from June until September, producing a succession of slender stems topped with a cluster of fragrant flowers. Perfect for giving an airy feel to borders, it looks great when planted amongst ornamental grasses, in gravel gardens or in more ‘wild’ effect gardens and meadows.

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