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  1. Progress No. 9 is a wrinkle-seeded second early pea. A heavy cropper that produces delicious dark green pods 8 to 10cm long.

    Pea 'Progress No.9' Organic

    Second early, Low-growing variety
    aka Laxtons Progress No. 9

    Out of stock

    Progress No. 9 is a prolific and early wrinkle-seeded, dwarf variety. Excellent for container growing and smaller gardens, this second early variety produces 7 to 9 delicious peas per well-filled pod. Resistant to both Fusarium root rot and wilt. Organic Seed.
  2. Sugar Pea Norli are best picked whilst small and can be harvested when they reach just 5cm (2in) long for gourmet eating.

    Pea, Mangetout 'Norli' Sugar Pod, Organic

    Snow pea, Chinese Snow Pea.
    Low-growing variety
    Pea "Norli" produces small, dark green flat pods with good sweet flavour. Heavily produced on vigorous plants that grow to just 50cm high. Best picked whilst small for gourmet eating, this little pea is absolutely mouth-watering. RHS AGM. Organic seed.
  3. Red Habanero chiles are one happy looking bunch. They ripen from green to yellow and then orange to red as they mature.

    Pepper, Chili Pepper 'Habanero Red' Organic

    Very Hot - 200,000 to 300,000 SHU.
    The Habanero when ripe or dried and powdered has a unique apricot scent. Used in Mexican and Caribbean cuisine. They will grow happily outside over the summer in pots, or planted into the garden, but bring them in before the first frosts to prolong fruiting. Organic Seed.
  4. Jalapeño are among the most popular and commonly available hot chilli peppers in the world.

    Pepper, Chili Pepper 'Jalapeño' Organic

    Mild, 2,500 to 5,000 SHU.

    Out of stock

    Jalapeño chilli peppers are among the most popular hot chilli pepper seeds in the world. Jalapeño are very versatile: hot enough for a good kick, but still mild enough to use as a vegetable and well adapted for short-season growing. 75 days to harvest. Organic Seed.
  5. The Red Cayenne is one of the best known hot chili peppers.

    Pepper, Chili Pepper 'Red Cayenne' Organic

    Hot: 30,000 to 50,000 SHU.
    No matter how many rare and unique hot peppers you add to your collection, some of the basics are still the best and the Cayenne pepper still rocks! The flavour and thin skin make it the absolutely the best pepper for drying. Organic Seed.
  6. Pepper, Chili Pepper 'Ring of Fire' Organic
    "And it burns, burns, burns...the ring-o-fire. The ring-o-fire." Johnny Cash was right, these pepper do burn - 'Ring of Fire' is an early and extremely hot cayenne type which is very quick to mature. It producing an abundance of thin curved fruits and is often the first hot chilli to ripen. Organic Seed.
  7. A long established favourite, especially bred for carving out Jack O Lanterns for Halloween.

    Pumpkin 'Jack O' Lantern' Organic

    Winter Squash, Halloween Pumpkin.

    Out of stock

    Jack O' Lantern is a traditional pumpkin, especially bred for carving out Jack O'Lanterns for Halloween. A long established favourite, with medium orange colour and sweet flavoured flesh it makes a superb carving pumpkin and a tasty cooking pumpkin. Organic Seed.
  8. Purslane 'Green Purslane' Organic

    Purslane 'Green Purslane' Organic

    Summer Purslane, Garden purslane.
    Ancient Crop. In use since the 1600's
    This highly esteemed ancient crop can be used raw in salads, sautéed as a side dish or cooked like spinach. Summer Purslane has a crispy texture you would expect from a succulent and an interesting nutty, peppery flavour. It is salty on the tongue. Organic seeds.
  9. This is an incredibly succulent, melt-in-your-mouth raw salad green that has recently gained popularity in the gourmet greens world; attracting both world class organic growers and chefs.

    Purslane, Claytonia 'Winter Purslane' Organic

    Miner's Lettuce, Indian Lettuce

    Out of stock

    Miner’s Lettuce may not sound like the most appetising of edibles. But if you were a miner during the California Gold Rush, the sight of these plants emerging from the soft soil would have been as welcome as a plethora of gold nuggets. It appears in the early spring, when you are hungry for something fresh, the winter crops are quite exhausted but the lettuces aren’t quite ready. Organic Seeds
  10. With its inky black skin and pure white flesh, the Black Spanish radish represents a particular specialty.

    Radish 'Black Spanish Round' Organic

    Winter Radish.
    Heritage variety (Europe 1558)
    Radishes are a particularly varied group. Many vary greatly from the crisp, magenta balls that we are used to serving on our salad plates, to the Black Spanish radish which represents a particular specialty. We are, at long last now to be able to offer Organic Seed.
  11. French Breakfast 3 is a solid, sweet, cylindrical shape that sports crimson shoulders and a white tip.

    Radish 'French Breakfast 3' Organic

    Heritage variety (Introduced before 1885)
    French Breakfast 3 is an excellent all-purpose variety for successional sowing from late spring, for harvest in early summer, right the way through to autumn. A favourite among French market gardeners, who considered it both attractive and tasty. They are ready to eat in just 20 or 30 days. Organic Seeds.
  12. Radish 'Long White Icicle' is a uniform strain which forms long pure snow-white roots.

    Radish 'Long White Icicle', Organic

    Heritage variety. (China, Introduced 1540)
    Radish 'Long White Icicle' is a lovely white spring radish, that is ready for harvest in only 25 days. Plant a small crop every two weeks to guarantee a continuous harvest. Perfect for folks who want a crop in hand by the time the first robin sings. Organic Seed.
  13. Wild rocket is gaining in popularity; it has narrower and more deeply divided, aromatic leaves than the annual variety.

    Rocket, 'Wild Rocket' Organic

    Arugula, Roquette, Rucola, Rugula
    Ancient Crop. True wild variety
    'Wild' Rocket, also known as perennial rocket has a more intense flavour than annual varieties and can be grown outdoors all year round. Suitable to container growing, use as a baby leaf in salad mixes. It can be 'cut and come again' two to three times. Organic Seed.
  14. Rocket, Salad Rocket 'Esmee' Organic

    Rocket, Salad Rocket 'Esmee' Organic

    Cultivated Rocket
    Arugula, Roquette, Rucola, Rugula
    Salad Rocket 'Esmee' has beautiful oakleaf type leaves, typically found in mesclun mixes, the rounded leaves gives a salad an attractive, three-dimensional texture. For bunching, cut just above soil level. For baby leaf, clip leaves for cut-and-come-again. Organic Seed.
  15. The root of Root Parsley Hamburg can be left in the ground all winter and dug up as and when your Sunday roast requires.

    Root Parsley, Hamburg 'Berliner' Organic

    Dutch Rooted Parsnip, Halflange
    Heritage (Germany 16th C.)
    Hamburg Parsley 'Berliner' has edible large flat, parsley-like leaves but should not be confused with common curly parsley or Italian flat leaf parsley, as neither produce edible roots. It is a specific variety grown for as a root vegetable rather than an herbaceous green. Organic Seeds.
  16. Scorzonera is a root vegetable with an awkward name and an ugly appearance but with a delicious oyster-like flavour.

    Out of stock

    Scorzonera is a root vegetable with an awkward name and an ugly appearance but with a delicious oyster-like flavour. ‘Duplex’ is a fine selection with long, truncated roots with a deep black skin. The root is considered to be finer textured, and remains so further into the winter. The plants can be also be grown for perennial greens. Organic Seeds
  17. The oldest cultivated sorrel still extant is ‘Belleville,’ domesticated in France during the 1730's.

    Sorrel 'De Belleville' French Sorrel, Organic

    French Sorrel
    Heritage (French 1730's)

    Out of stock

    Sorrel De Belleville is a small French cultivar. It is hardy and well-proven to be productive under almost any conditions with an excellent lemon flavour. One of the earliest green crops and embarrassingly easy to grow, it needs no attention other than when you want to eat it. Organic Seed.
  18. Red Veined Sorrel is valued for its pointed and bright lime-green leaves with dark red veins.
    'Red Veined' Sorrel is valued for its pointed and bright lime-green leaves. It is one of the earliest green crops and can even withstand freezing winters. Once established, it can be treated as a 'cut and come again' crop and should produce greens for 8 to 10 years. Organic Seed.
  19. Spinach 'F1 Palco' is an established favourite it grows slowly, is high yielding and slow to bolt and is therefore very suitable for summer cultivation.

    Spinach 'F1 Palco' Organic

    Spinach. Baby Leaf, Micro Leaf

    Out of stock

    Spinach 'F1 Palco' is an established favourite, it grows slowly, is high yielding and slow to bolt and is therefore suitable for summer cultivation. It produces quality, dark green leaves, throughout the season. RHS AGM. Organic Seed.
  20. Squash 'Uchiki Kuri' is a far superior squash to pumpkin.

    Squash 'Uchiki Kuri' Organic

    Winter, Onion, Hokkaido or Potimarron Squash

    Out of stock

    Most people initially grow Uchiki Kuri squash because of its similarity to the familiar pumpkin. What they will not have anticipated is finding it a far superior squash to pumpkin. If you believe that they are only fit for Halloween lanterns allow yourself to be converted. Organic Seed.
  21. 'Waltham' is an improved version of the common Butternut squash.

    Out of stock

    If you grow only one squash, grow butternut. Simple to grow and maintain in a sunny spot with fertile, well-drained soil, they can be stored for months and last all winter long giving months of great eating … even if they are beige! Organic Seed.
  22. Strawberry Spinach, 'Strawberry Sticks', Organic

    Strawberry Spinach, 'Strawberry Sticks', Organic

    Strawberry Sticks, Beetberry, Strawbini
    'Strawberry Spinach' or 'Strawberry Sticks' is a curious plant that is enjoying something of a resurgence, The berries make a colourful and edible accent in the garden and in salads and the greens are deliciously edible in salads or as a pot herb. Organic Seed.
  23. The Yellow Friesian produces buttery yellow, globe shaped roots with deep purple tops with a good sweet taste.

    Swede 'Yellow Friesian' Organic

    Purple Top Rutabaga, Tumshie, Neep, Snadgies
    In the past swede has been undervalued but recently this crop is going through a mini revival. The 'Yellow Friesian' swede is suitable for both maincrop and late production, it produces buttery yellow, globe shaped roots with deep purple tops, they have excellent flesh quality and a good sweet taste. Organic Seeds
  24. Known as "Tah Tsai" in China, Tatsoi or Rosette Pak Choi is among the most popular of oriental greens.

    Tatsoi, Organic

    Rosette Pak Choi, Spoon Mustard.
    Tatsoi is suitable for both baby leaf and whole head production, it can be harvested anytime during growth, with a mild mustard flavour and good crunchy texture. It has a wide variety of culinary uses, use in salads, soups and in stir-fry. Organic Seeds.

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