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  1. Turnip  'Zürcher' Organic

    Turnip 'Zürcher' Organic

    Red Top Turnip. Heritage (Swiss pre 1888).
    Introduced before 1888 Purple Top Milan has smooth creamy-white flat roots with bright purple shoulders and pure white flesh of choice quality. Quick to mature and early cropping, it is an ideal 'catch crop' between slower growing vegetables. Organic Seed.
  2. Tomato 'Kremser Perle' Organic

    Tomato 'Kremser Perle' Organic

    Early Salad Tomato. Heritage (Austria)
    Semi-Bush (Semi-Determinate)
    Tomato 'Kremser Perle' is the most famous heirloom Austrian tomato variety. Recognised for being robust and weather-tolerant, this semi-determinate variety bears abundant medium-sized, round, red fruits that have good taste. Very robust and disease resistant, they are eminently suited for cultivation in cooler climes under glass or outdoors. Organic Seeds
  3. Indigo Rose produces heavy-cropping trusses of fruity-flavoured, jet-black, large-plum-sized fruits,

    Tomato 'Indigo Rose', Organic

    Black Salad Tomato
    Semi-Bush (Semi-Determinate)
    Combining midnight purple skin with a rosy red interior, tomato 'Indigo Rose' is a dazzlingly delicious, medium-late ripening salad tomato, with semi-determinant growth. Outstanding in several ways with remarkably high levels of anthocyanins, but most importantly they taste amazing. Organic Seeds
  4. Tomato 'Cerise' is a fantastic cherry variety that produces heavy crops of long trusses of small bite sized fruits

    Tomato 'Cerise' Organic

    Mid-early, Cherry Tomato. Heritage (Italian)
    Vine / Cordon (Indeterminate)
    Tomato 'Cerise' is a fantastic cherry variety with a delicious sweet flavour. This heirloom variety of Italian origin is mid to early maturing, the fruits ripen at about 60 days after transplant giving high yields of superb tasting small 18 to 25 gram fruits. Organic Seed.
  5. Tomato 'Berner Rose' Organic

    Tomato 'Berner Rose' Organic

    Early Beefsteak. Heritage (Swiss)
    Vine / Cordon (Indeterminate)
    Tomato 'Bernese Rose' is a beautiful rose-pink Swiss heirloom that is earlier to ripen that other larger varieties. Fleshy, thin skinned and with the most exquisite tomato flavours this tomato is a firm favourite amongst gardeners and growers. Organic Seeds
  6. Thyme, French Summer, Organic

    Thyme, French Summer, Organic

    Thyme de Provence
    Aromatic French Summer Thyme has more narrow, pointed leaves with a bit of a grey tint. The famed culinary thyme from France, it is higher in essential oil content than other varieties and reputedly the most flavoursome Thyme you can grow with a stronger and sweeter taste. Organic Seed.
  7. Sweetcorn 'Goldcrest F1' is one of the earliest maturing Supersweet varieties currently available

    Sweetcorn 'Goldcrest F1'

    Mid Season variety. Super Sugar enhanced
    Originally bred for the UK climate, Sweetcorn 'F1 Goldcrest' is a very reliable mid season variety, with improved tolerance to cold soil and a clean tidy plant habit that has excellent husk tip protection, Goldcrest will impress with its improved flavour and golden-yellow long cobs. RHS AGM.
  8. Winter Squash 'Table Gold' is a high sugar Acorn type squash.

    Squash 'Table Gold'

    Winter Squash, Acorn Squash

    Out of stock

    Squash 'F1 Table Gold' is a high sugar Acorn type squash that is one of the most productive squash you can grow. Maturing in 85 days, the fruits can be harvested as summer squash or left for autumn. Deliciously sweet and just the right size, to prepare simply remove the seeds and bake.

  9. Sweet Dumpling It has a creamy white colour streaked and speckled with dark green.

    Squash 'Sweet Dumpling'

    Winter Squash, Patidou
    'Sweet Dumpling' also known as 'Patidou' is a lovely winter squash that is not only decorative but is also excellent tasting. Flat topped and single serving size it is ideal for cooking whole, roasted or stuffed. They store well and can also be used to decorate the home in autumn.
  10. Squash 'Spaghetti Squash'

    'Spaghetti squash' is a unique variety whose creamy coloured flesh separates into spaghetti-like strands once cooked. Mild, sweet and nutty, this squash is delicious roasted. Sow May to July and harvest up to first frosts, it is a healthy gluten free alternative to pasta or use instead of rice noodles in Asian-style dishes. A great way pack more nutrients into your diet.

  11. Squash 'Mini Red Turban'

    Squash 'Mini Red Turban'

    Mini Red, Winter Squash

    Squash 'Turkish Turban' produces decorative fruits that are brightly colourful and striped. 'Mini Red Turban' is a small-sized bicolour variety with red cap and white turban. Perfect for baking or for use as an ornament for decoration in autumn, the taste is nutty and sweet and reminiscent of hazelnuts.

  12. Squash 'Groene Hokkaido', Organic

    Squash 'Groene Hokkaido', Organic

    Japanese kabocha-type squash, Green Hokkaido
    Heirloom (Japan 1500's)
    Squash 'Groene Hokkaido' is a traditional Japanese kabocha-type squash that has globe-shaped fruit with lovely dark green skin and dark golden flesh. A beautiful, versatile squash with thick, firm and fine-grained flesh that is sweet with a delicate taste of chestnut. Organic Seed.
  13. Squash 'Carnival'

    Squash 'Carnival'

    Winter Squash

    A newer squash to the commercial marketplace, Squash 'Carnival' is uniquely flecked with shades of green, gold and yellow; each one is different. The perfect single serving size and ideal for cooking whole, roasted or stuffed, it can be harvested as summer squash or left for autumn. They can also be used to decorate the home in autumn.

  14. Spinach 'Butterflay' is a fast growing spinach with large dark-green leaves and full, rich flavour.

    Spinach 'Butterflay' Organic

    Spinach. Baby Leaf, Micro Leaf
    Spinach 'Butterflay' is a fast growing spinach with large dark-green leaves and full, rich flavour. It is a fabulous open-pollinated variety that rivals hybrid plants in growth and productivity. Sow early spring or late summer, for babyleaf or to grow to maturity. Organic Seeds.
  15. Radish 'Zurich Market', Organic

    Radish 'Zurich Market', Organic

    Heritage variety. (European)
    Radish 'Zurich Market' is a white elongated radish for early summer through to early autumn for bunching or for individual use. Sow from April to August it can be harvested from May to October. If sown under cover, this can be done from early March to April. Organic Seed.
  16. Full of character but easy on spice with shading from brightest scarlet to pure white is dotted with merry flecks.

    Radish 'Sparkler'

    Globe Radish
    Full of character but easy on spice, Radish ‘Sparkler’ is an attractive globe variety with shading from the brightest scarlet to pure white, dotted with merry flecks. There's no beating this delightful little two-tone jewel for quick harvest, mild peppery bite, and terrific plate appeal. RHS AGM.
  17. Pumpkin 'Atlantic Giant'

    Pumpkin 'Atlantic Giant'

    Giant Pumpkin, Competition & Exhibition variety

    Imagine, You’re reading the paper and suddenly your eye is drawn to a picture of this giant orange thing about the size of a truck with a guy half its size standing next to it grinning like a lunatic. “I’d like to grow one of those,” you think.

  18. Described as tasting somewhat like chocolate or liquorice, with undertones of cherry and tobacco

    Pepper, Chili Pepper 'Mulato Isleno'

    Mild: 1,000 to 1,500 SHU.

    Mulato Isleno is a wonderful mild pepper, closely related to the poblano, perhaps a little slightly larger and sweeter, it is characterised by large, heart-shaped fruit which start a dark green and mature to a rich chocolate brown. Wonderful roasted and great in stews, they are also terrific stuffed with meat or cheese

  19. Shaped vaguely like a lantern, 'Jamaican Hot Yellow'  mature from light green, to light orange

    Pepper, Chili Pepper 'Jamaican Hot Yellow'

    Hot - 100,000 to 200,000 SHU.

    The 'Jamaican Hot Yellow' aren't the hottest chillies in the world, but clocking up to 100,000 to 200,000 SHU's these are probably as hot as one really needs to go. Behind the heat will be found a gorgeous fruity, citrusy flavour. Use in salsas, chutneys soups and sauces, they mix especially well in salsas with fruit.

  20. Jalapeño are among the most popular and commonly available hot chilli peppers in the world.

    Pepper, Chili Pepper 'Jalapeño Tam'

    Mild, 1,000 to 1,500 SHU.

    If you love the taste of Jalapenos but can’t take the heat, 'Jalapeño Tam' is the one for you. Developed by Texas A&M to have the Jalapeno flavour without the heat, and at only 1,000-1,500 SHUs, this is much milder than the typical Jalapeno so you and all the family can enjoy all the flavour and not worry about it burning your tongue.

  21. Pepper, Chili Pepper 'Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper'

    Pepper, Chili Pepper 'Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper'

    Volcanic - more than 1,000,000 - one million SHUs!

    Bhut Jolokia, the Ghost Pepper has a reputation. It was officially the worlds hottest Chilli in the Guinness Book of Records from 2007 until 2011. At over 1 millium SHU's it is still one of the hottest pepper in the world. Each chilli ripens from lime green to orange to red. The flavour tends to have a smoky, earthy taste with a somewhat fruity aftertaste.

  22. ‘Snowflake’ is a very high quality, early maturing mangetout pea variety

    Pea, Mangetout ‘Snowflake’ Organic

    Snow pea, Chinese Snow Pea.
    Mangetout Pea ‘Snowflake’ is a medium-strong growing early variety that produces pure white flowers and beautiful wide pods. They can be eaten as a mangetout while the pods are flat, or they can be left to mature and shelled for use as a garden type pea. Organic Seeds.
  23. Pea 'Buddy' Organic

    Pea 'Buddy' Organic

    First early, Low-growing variety
    Pea ‘Buddy' is a popular variety producing excellent yields that mature early in the season. A neat and compact variety that can be grown with minimal supports, the pods are borne in profusion with each straight pod containing 6 to 8 tasty peas. Organic Seeds.
  24. Parsnip 'Javelin F1' is probably the most successful commercial parsnip available and can be harvested almost continually from July to June.

    Parsnip 'Javelin F1'

    2022 harvest, for planting in 2023
    Consistent, reliable, flexible and very well proven, Parsnip 'Javelin F1' is probably the most successful commercial parsnip available, producing beautifully slender, creamy roots. Sown throughout the sowing year, its tremendous field holding capacity means it can be cropped almost almost all year round. Graded Seeds.

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