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Herb Garden Culinary Collection

Ten Culinary herbs.
Herb Garden Culinary Collection

Ten Culinary herbs.

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The Herb Garden Culinary Collection is a collection of ten classic culinary herbs.

Herbs are not hard plants to grow, and given how expensive herbs and spices tend to be, it’s well worth it for what you can save, and of course, fresh spices and herbs have far better flavours than dried ones.
Very easy to grow either in a container or garden, the difference in taste between fresh and dried herbs is like night and day.

Each of the varieties are supplied with an A5 information sheet containing colour pictures, information about the plant, sowing guidelines and cultivation advice.

Basil, 'Sweet Genovese' .
Sweet Genovese is a delicate herb with a bold aroma and flavour, containing about 1% essential oil which has an intense, spicy-sweet, aroma and a slight anise-like undertone.
Popular as a seasoning and easy to grow, basil is cultivated and used throughout the world. Basil will flourish in your garden or in a pot on a sunny windowsill as long as it gets lots of warmth, water and sun.

Coriander 'Leisure'
Most gardeners appreciate that home grown herbs are infinitely superior, but try comparing home-grown Coriander to shop-bought - the difference can be quite startling. If you use coriander in any recipe, you would never regret planting your own.

Dill ‘Bouquet’
Sweet and aromatic, the flavour of dill is intermediate between anise and caraway. The fruits (“dill seeds”) which impart a sharper flavour, are used as a spice, while the fernlike herb leaves (“dill weed or baby dill”), especially when fresh, have a sweeter fragrance. Dill is certainly delectable. If ever the term "best if home-grown" were to apply to an item in the kitchen, dill would be it !
Dill enhances the flavours of a dish as well as compliments other herbs when combined. It is exceptional with vegetables, fish and mustard based dressings or sauces, lamb, potato and peas. The seeds and herb are also a flavourful addition to breads and other baked goods and for those on a salt free diet, the seed makes an excellent stand-in for salt – it is a complete culinary treasure!

Chervil, Plain 'Massa'
Chervil 'Massa' has a sophisticated yet gentle, aniseedy warmth. It is a dark green selection with smooth leaves and good plant vigour, it has better cold tolerance than standard Chervil and is used for autumn sowings, it also bolts much later. .

Mint, 'Spearmint'
Mint is one of the most widely used and most famous of all herbs. The flavour of mint goes well with many savory ingredients, especially vegetables. It is easy to cultivate and has a wide variety of culinary and medicinal uses. Its digestive qualities are similar to peppermint but not as strong. Mentha spicata, formerly known as mentha viridis is the best strain grown from seed.
Spearmint is an exceptionally fragrant and ornamental plant, in addition to its many other uses is also extremely attractive to butterflies and bees and makes a wonderful addition to any wildlife garden.

Oregano, Greek
Greek Oregano is the classic culinary oregano, its spicy yet refreshing flavour contributes to Italian, Greek, and Spanish cuisine, as well as Mexican. Complementary spices to oregano are thyme, parsley, chives, basil, and chili. Oregano is delicious in bread, pasta dishes, stuffing, and of course pizza.

Parsley 'Flat Leaf ‘Italian Giant’ .
Also known as Italian parsley, flat leaf parsley has dark green leaves and a pungent, sweet flavour. This parsley is best for cooking, since it can withstand heat and retains its flavour better than curly parsley. Italian Giant is a select plant with deeply cut, bright green leaves. Known to have better flavour than other varieties, it is increasingly popular in the kitchen, and is indispensable for a huge range of cooked and salad dishes. It is the choice parsley for drying.

If you haven’t cooked with lovage before then you have missed out on a very flavourful herb. The flavour is distinct and greatly appreciated by food aficionados. Even though some like to compare lovage to celery, it is almost like saying that an apricot tastes like a small peach

Nothing says stuffing like good old Garden Sage, in addition to the traditional use, Sage is good with cheese and is often combined with thyme and used with beans and in soups. Use it with fruits in vinegars. The flowers make an attractive garnish in salads, butters, soft cheeses, and ice cubes. It is suitable for herb gardens, container gardening, perennial gardens, and cottage gardens.

Thyme 'Winter Thyme' .
Thyme leaves may be small, but they pack a powerful punch. It retains its flavour well in long slow cooking. In Britain, thyme is the most popular culinary herb besides mint.
It is one of the savory herbs, which are main course herbs used to flavour hardy meals, bone warming soups, and piquant sauces. They blend their essence with other savory herbs to create some memorable flavours.

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Common Name Ten Culinary herbs.

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