Green manures are a traditional technique rapidly coming back into fashion. Also called ‘cover crops’ they are simply short-term crops that are specifically grown to be dug back into the soil, adding much needed organic matter and nutrients. Green manure crops play a valuable role in agriculture, and especially organic farming practices because of the many benefits they provide to the soil and the ease of growing.


There are six main advantages from growing green manures:

  • They add organic matter to the soil which helps improve its structure and fertility.
  • They help make nutrients available to any plants that are grown in the soil afterwards.
  • They prevent nutrients being washed through the soil in winter (known as leaching).
  • They suppress the growth of weeds.
  • They protect the soil from pounding by rain in winter which can cause a compacted layer to form on the surface.
  • They help break-up heavy soils, improving drainage.


In addition, some flowering green manures are very good at attracting pollinating insects; they provide a valuable food source for bees, butterflies and other insects which are of significant benefit to the gardener. In addition, the flowers are often very attractive.

A green manure is commonly sown immediately after one crop finishes but before the next crop. Some can be under sown or fitted in between rows. They are a great way for the gardener with a small plot to gain many of the advantages of manuring when they are confronted with limited space and access difficulties. Just the sowing of a few handfuls of the green manure seed and its digging in with the most basic of tools, a spade and old fashioned elbow grease!

Cover Crops
Prepare the soil and scatter seeds over the surface.
Bare patches should be covered within two to three weeks.
Cover if required to protect from birds,etc.
After 6 to 8 weeks cut off the tops and dig in.
Leave the green manure to decompose in the soil for up to four weeks before growing vegetables.
Mulch if preferred.

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