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  1. Dark pink tubular flowers that are carried on 60cm tall stems.

    Agastache cana 'Heather Queen'

    Mosquito Plant, Hummingbird Mint.

    Agastache cana 'Heather Queen' is a dynamic landscape plant and a particularly beautiful form. Dark pink tubular flowers on tall stiff stems from mid-summer until late autumn. Pollinators are drawn to its fragrance, the intense coloration and their sweet nectar.

  2. Agastache pallidiflora produces a continual mass of lavender-rose, scented flowers from June to September.

    Agastache pallidiflora subsp neomexicana

    Rose Mint, New Mexico Giant Hyssop

    Agastache pallidiflora produces a continual mass of lavender-rose, scented flowers from June to September. The soft, touchable flower spikes must be one of the prettiest flowers of all this pretty family. Exceptionally long-flowering, they will flower in the same year given an early sowing and can be used as an annual.

  3. Agastache rupestris ‘Apache Sunset’

    Agastache are very seductive. You start with one, and the next thing you know, you’ve got ten different plants in the flowerbed and are wondering where you can find space to sneak another one in. ‘Apache Sunset’ is one of the best and most durable - coral-peach blooms with rose and violet buds. Just gorgeous and, of course, extremely tempting.

  4. Allium karataviense

    Allium karataviense

    Turkestan Onion
    A. karataviense is a bulbous, herbaceous perennial to 25cm in height, with broad, paired, glaucous green leaves tinged with purple, especially beneath, with deep lines or ridges, and star-shaped, near-white flowers in short-stalked, rounded clusters.
  5. Alstroemeria aurantiaca

    Alstroemeria aurantiaca

    Peruvian Lily

    Out of stock

    With tubular-shaped blooms in in shades of butterscotch, gold, and orange with darker markings. Alstroemeria aurantiaca are among the finest of all perennials for providing loads of long-lasting cut flowers, in addition the slowly expanding clumps of orchid-like blooms improve unattended over the years.

  6. Amaranthus cruentus 'Hot Biscuits'

    Amaranthus cruentus 'Hot Biscuits'

    Foxtail Amaranthus, Everlasting Flower

    Amaranthus 'Hot Biscuits' is a rather splendid ornamental addition to the garden and the vase. This gorgeous and graceful amaranth feature bold spikes of coppery-bronze branching plumes. They make an excellent cut flower and make exciting vase material that hold their colour longer than other amaranths.

  7. Antirrhinum majus 'Black Prince'

    This is a stunning snapdragon, first you get to enjoy the dark green foliage...then you are gifted with the smoldering velvet-crimson flowers. Antirrhinum majus 'Black Prince' does well in containers as well as the garden and makes an excellent cut flower. Rich, luxurious, and striking...don’t miss out on this one – you won’t be disappointed.

  8. Calendula officinalis 'Ivory Princess’

    Calendula officinalis ‘Ivory Princess’ is a tall show stopper with giant buttery flowers. The petals are a mix of creamy buff-yellow with tips of the serrated, buttercream petals having the tiniest outline of brown, giving a ruffled, lacy effect which beautifully compliments the dark brown eye.

  9. 'Double Click Snow Puff' has spectacular white, pom-pom flowers with a delicate hint of blushed pink.

    The latest colour in the Cosmos 'Double Click' series, 'Snow Puff' has spectacular white, pom-pom flowers that sit on sturdy stems and make a gorgeous cut flower Perfect for wedding work, this award winning variety will flower over a long season and provide a vibrant display all summer long.

  10. Cosmos bipinnatus 'Mixed Colours' Organic

    Out of stock

    Cosmos bipinnatus is a suburb easy to grow annual and bloom from summer right through to the end of autumn. The tall graceful plants have delicate ferny foliage with large, single flowers ranging from white to carmine red. They make fabulous cut flowers and are perfect for bouquets. Organic Seeds
  11. Bishop's Children is a warm-toned mix in shades of a tropical sunset.

    One of the most stunning Dahlias you will ever see, let alone grow, Bishop's Children is a warm-toned mix in shades of a tropical sunset. Deep reds and crimsons, copper and turmeric-yellows, as well as peach and plums. But what makes these blooms really extraordinary is that they arise atop dark foliage.

  12. Helianthus annuus 'Medium Red Mix Sunflower' Organic
    Sunflower 'Medium Red Mix' offers a diverse range of varieties that feature the most popular reds, crimsons and bi-colours. Suited to outdoor cut flower production, the heights range from 80 to 120cm tall and are lovely in the garden and the vase, the blooms last up to a fortnight when kept in water. Organic Seeds
  13. Giant Sunflower 'Mongolian Giant' is a true giant reaching up to 420cm (14ft) tall

    Helianthus annuus 'Mongolian Giant'

    Uniflorus giganteus, Giant Sunflower

    Giant Sunflower 'Mongolian Giant' is a true giant reaching up to 420cm (14ft) tall with one of the largest flowering sunflower seed heads available, up to 45cm (18in) across. One of the largest-seeded sunflower varieties available to gardeners, the plants are ideal to grow to provide food for birds to eat over-winter.

  14. Sunflower 'Velvet Queen' has handsome 15cm heads in an opulent shade of velvety rich crimson.

    Out of stock

    Velvet Queen is a branching sunflower in an opulent shade of rich crimson on strong stems. It is one of the earliest sunflowers to bloom and will grow to 150cm (5 feet) tall. They make excellent cut flowers, alternatively leave them on the plant for the birds to enjoy the seed-heads that follow. Organic Seeds
  15. Helichrysum bracteatum 'Copper Red'

    Helichrysum bracteatum 'Copper Red'

    Strawflower, Everlasting, Paper Daisy, Immortelle

    Helichrysum bracteatum ‘Copper Red’ glows like its on fire - Rusty red with touches of burnt orange are a perfect combination. The substantial blooms are held atop strong multi-branching stems. Perfect for cutting, they have a subtle silky sheen and are striking in all stages, from bud to fully opened.

  16. Helichrysum bracteatum is the most well known and is probably the best of all the everlasting flowers.

    Helichrysum bracteatum 'Salmon Rose'

    Strawflower, Everlasting, Paper Daisy, Immortelle

    Helichrysum bracteatum 'Salmon Rose' is a lovely mixture of buff, peach and salmon colours. Apart from being useful for beds and borders, the papery, double flowers make one of the finest subjects for bouquets, they are also an excellent dried flower.

  17. Helichrysum bracteatum 'Silvery Rose'

    Helichrysum bracteatum 'Silvery Rose'

    Strawflower, Everlasting, Paper Daisy, Immortelle

    Helichrysum 'Silvery Rose' produces blooms that are pure to creamy-white and frosted with rose at the petal tips. The petals have a pearlescent sheen, reminiscent of vintage mother of pearl. The delicate rose colour is subtler on young blooms and darkens as they mature and open.

  18. Lathyrus odoratus, Grandiflora 'America'

    Lathyrus odoratus, Grandiflora 'America'

    Grandflora Sweet Pea. 1890's

    Lathyrus odoratus. Sweet pea 'America', a red and white 'flaked' variety. Dating back to the 1890's with stunning scented, large ivory flowers with crimson magenta streaks and rippled margins. One of the best for its large flecked fragrant flowers, treasured by cut flower growers and sweet pea aficionados.

  19. Lathyrus odoratus, Grandiflora 'Miss Willmott'

    A striking heirloom variety that creates a big impact, Sweet Pea 'Miss Willmott' dates back to 1901 but remains as attractive as ever, in the garden or as a cut flower. Attractive pale orange and salmon pink, unusual bicoloured flowers make a wonderful display, and have a superb fragrance.

  20. Matthiola Lucinda Mixture Seeds

    Matthiola 'Lucinda Mixture'

    Florists Stocks

    Matthiola ‘Lucinda’ is a fabulous series of mid-season Stocks that has been bred for especially for cut flower production. 100% selectable, Lucinda produces a high percentage of double flowers that can be selected based on leaf colour, the flowers bloom uniformly across the colour range

  21. Nigella 'Transformer' adds intriguing texture with its uniquely shaped flowers and upright, seed pods.

    Nigella orientalis ‘Transformer’

    Yellow Fennel Flower, Love in a Mist

    An unusual twist on the classic cottage garden flower, Nigella 'Transformer' adds intriguing texture with its uniquely shaped flowers and upright, seed pods. A good choice for borders, mass plantings or cut flowers. Used fresh or dried the seed pods are a great filler in bouquets, cut flower production is just 12 to 16 weeks.

  22. Nigella papillosa ‘Delft Blue'

    Nigella papillosa ‘Delft Blue'

    Aka Nigella hispanica, Spanish Love in a Mist

    Named for the famous Dutch Delft blue pottery, Nigella papillosa ‘Delft Blue’ is an eye catching hardy annual with flower petals in varying shades of blue and grey, and intricate deep-purple centres. They make a splendid addition to mixed beds and border displays and the flowers attract and feed bees as well as other beneficial insects.

  23. Papaver rhoeas 'Falling in Love'.

    The poppy attracts the hip and stylish with their vintage, casual feel and beautiful colours. With satiny blossoms that sway gracefully above frothy foliage, Papaver rhoeas 'Falling in Love', in romantic shades of rose, salmon to coral, with semi-double to double mix of picotees and bicolours.

  24. Papaver somniferum ‘Blue Moon’

    Papaver somniferum ‘Blue Moon’

    Opium or Breadseed Poppy

    Papaver somniferum ‘Blue Moon’ is a lovely variety, delivering huge blowsy white flowers with centre brushstroke of blue-purple on tall stems. Named after its blue seeds and delicate white petals that glow in the moonlight, it combines well with many other flowers in the garden.

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