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  1. Squash 'Delica F1'

    Squash 'Delica F1'

    Japanese kabocha type squash, Aka ‘Ebisu’
    Heritage (Japan 1964's)

    Adaptable to many growing and soil conditions, Squash ‘Delica F1’ performs best in moderate temperatures. It consistently produces high quality, dark green striped fruit with a bright orange, creamy interior. The flesh is of excellent quality, sweet with a delicate taste of chestnut.

  2. Spinach 'F1 Piano' completely resistant to all races of spinach mildew and is very strongly resistant to bolting.

    Spinach 'F1 Piano'

    Spinach. Baby Leaf, Micro Leaf

    Spinach ‘F1 Piano’ is a modern, variety with smooth, green leaves. Highly productive, it is completely resistant to all races of spinach mildew and is very strongly resistant to bolting. With these properties it ranks among the most successful varieties for summer and autumn cultivation.

  3. Thin and pointed, Thai Dragon Chillies fruits have green fruits that mature to a deep glossy red colour.

    Pepper, Chili Pepper 'Thai Dragon'

    Hot: 50,000 to 100,000 SHU.
    Thailand is an exquisite land of ornate temples, mountainous landscapes, and lush islands veiled in mystery. Out of the rich soil of Thailand grows a small chile which is one of the hottest peppers in the world. RHS AGM.
  4. Onion, Spring Onion 'Lilia'

    Onion, Spring Onion 'Lilia'

    Dual Purpose - Spring Onion that matures to a Bulbing Onion
    Onion 'Lilia' produce a beautiful shiny intense red, inner core with dark green leaves and make a stunning addition of colour to salads. Despite their gorgeous appearance this variety has a delicately mild flavour and has the added benefit of also being able to be grown as a main crop.
  5. Onion 'Red Tide F1' Organic

    Onion 'Red Tide F1' Organic

    Mid to Late Variety, Red Bulbing Onion
    'Red Tide F1' is a well known and very popular mid to late maturing variety. A hybrid red onion of excellent quality and storage capabilities, it is grown for its for its attractive 'blood red' colour. Easy to grow and an excellent cropper, it produces beautiful globe shaped, firm well flavoured bulbs. Organic Seeds
  6. Onion 'Red Creole'

    Onion 'Red Creole'

    Red Bulbing Onion
    Heritage (USA 1850's)

    Well adapted and very widely planted. ‘Red Creole’ is a medium maturing, open-pollinated short day red onion. It has a clear, spicy-sweet flavour of medium heat and develops a sweet, mellow flavour when caramelised. Drought tolerant, disease resistant and especially hardy, it is considered by many to be the ideal onion.

  7. Onion 'Red Amposta'

    Onion 'Red Amposta'

    The Large Red/Bronze Onion of Amposta
    Heritage (Spanish 1800's)

    'Morada de Amposta' is a large sweet onion named after the small Spanish town of Amposta. A heritage variety that produces attractive red-bronze onions, not too hot, with a pleasant, exceptional sweetness typical of Spanish onions. The beautiful, large globes weigh around 200 to 250 grams.

  8. Onion 'Magnate F1'

    Onion 'Magnate F1'

    Mid to Late Variety, Red Bulbing Onion

    One of the deepest red onions we have ever seen and superior in colour and quality to any other red onion. Onion 'Magnate' is extensively grown for its for its attractive 'blood red' colour. An excellent cropper and ideal for storage, it produces beautiful globe shaped, firm well flavoured quality bulbs.

  9. Onion 'Density 4'

    Onion 'Density 4'

    Maincrop, White Bulbing Onion

    A very popular and reliable variety for well over 100 years, Onion 'Density 4' is ideally suited to our climate producing medium to large, globe shaped, straw coloured bulbs with pure white flesh and a good flavour. As a standard maincrop it offers excellent quality, high yields and a very good storage life.

  10. The plant has a distinctive growth habit with strap-shaped leaves unlike either onion or garlic.

    Garlic or Chinese chives, Oriental Garlic, Organic

    Chinese leek, Oriental garlic chives, Ku chai, Koo chye or Gau choy
    A relatively new vegetable in the English-speaking world but well-known in Asian cuisine, the flavour of garlic chives is more like garlic than chives, though much milder. Both leaves and the stalks of the flowers are used a stir fry ingredient. The flowers may also be used as a spice. Organic seed.
  11. You only need water, a little warmth and light, and cress will grow pretty much anywhere. You don't even need a garden.

    Cress, Garden Cress, Organic

    Common or Pepper Cress
    Cress is one salad ingredient you can be sure of harvesting all year round, adding flavour to salads, sandwiches and omelettes. You only need water, a little warmth and light, and this stuff will grow pretty much anywhere. You don't even need a garden. Organic Seed.
  12. Courgette 'Tuscany F1'

    Courgette 'Tuscany F1'

    Courgette, Marrow, Squash, Zucchini

    In commercial trials, Courgette 'Tuscany F1' has shown wide adaptability for Northern European markets. It is well suited to cooler climates. The erect plants have an open habit and very few spines which makes it so much easier to harvest. They produce generous crops of high quality dark green straight fruits which have a good firm texture and excellent flavour.

  13. Cosmos bipinnatus 'Mixed Colours' Organic
    Cosmos bipinnatus is a suburb easy to grow annual and bloom from summer right through to the end of autumn. The tall graceful plants have delicate ferny foliage with large, single flowers ranging from white to carmine red. They make fabulous cut flowers and are perfect for bouquets. Organic Seeds
  14. Choy Sum ‘Fuubi’ is one of the most uniform and productive varieties.

    Choy Sum 'Fuubi'

    Choi Sum, Yi Choy, Flowering Cabbage

    One of the most instantly recognisable vegetables in Cantonese cuisine. Choy Sum ‘Fuubi’ is one of the most uniform and productive, widely grown by the specialist producers of this crop. This slow flowering, late maturing variety is tolerant of low temperatures. It has good holding ability with deep green leaves and a quality stem that is smooth and fleshy.

  15. Leaf Celery was used centuries ago in Europe and the Orient, where its ancestor was known as 'smallage'.

    Celery, 'Cutting Leaf Celery', Organic

    Cutting or Soup Celery. Chinese Kintsai
    Cutting celery or Leaf celery is the type that is used in Europe. It looks similar to parsley but tastes like regular stalk celery, but with a slightly stronger, herbier taste. It is a darker green, with thin, rounded, flexible stalks and curly, aromatic leaves; it is much easier to grow than its big brother. Organic Seed.
  16. Broccoli, Calabrese, 'Green Belt F1'

    Broccoli, Calabrese, 'Green Belt F1'

    Green Broccoli, Heading Broccoli

    Calabrese 'Green Belt F1' is currently number one among early varieties due to its excellent fine grain and its ability to produce abundant shoots. With a wide adaptability, it produces sturdy plants that grow well in almost any soil and under any conditions, and will withstand the heat discreetly during the summer season.

  17. Amaranthus cruentus 'Velvet Curtains'

    Amaranthus cruentus 'Velvet Curtains'

    Foxtail Amaranthus, Everlasting Flower
    Amaranthus 'Velvet Curtains' provides intense crimson inflorescence which makes exciting vase material. Flower heads retain their colour, for a long season before turning to seed. The gluten free, protein rich seeds can be eaten as a grain, perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

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