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  1. Agastache 'Liquorice Blue' has tall spikes of lavender to rich purpley blue lipped flowers
    Agastache 'Liquorice Blue' has tall spikes of lavender to rich purpley blue lipped flowers, above toothed dark green arrow shaped foliage. When brushed past or crushed, the foliage emits a sweet liquorice perfume. A wonderful plant for attracting bees and butterflies to the garden. Organic seeds.
  2. Baby Leaf Mix 'Classic Asian Mix', Organic
    Not overwhelming by any means but certainly friskier than the lettuce mixes, this classic Asian Mix contains Taisai, Mizuna, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage and Red and Green frilly mustards. Sow little and often for continuity. Organic Seeds
  3. This classic mix of lettuce varieties can be used for both baby leaf or for growing to maturity.
    A Classic mix of lettuce varieties that can be used for both baby leaf or for growing to maturity. Including 'Red Salad Bowl', 'Marvel of Four Seasons' , Lettuce 'Suzan' and 'Little Leprechaun' - Try it, you are bound to be delighted! Organic Seeds
  4. Cabbage ‘Filderkraut’ it is a medium-late pointed cabbage with a high sugar content.

    Cabbage 'Filderkraut' Organic

    Pointed Cabbage
    Heritage (German circa 1700's)
    Cabbage ‘Filderkraut’ it is a medium-late pointed cabbage. The point is coreless, making it very easy to cut fine shreds and it has a smooth and somewhat sweeter taste in comparison to other varieties, making it one of the very best sauerkraut or coleslaw cabbages there is. Organic Seeds.
  5. Cabbage ‘Vertus’ produces rounded heads of finely blistered, dark green ruffled leaves

    Cabbage 'Vertus' Organic

    Savoy Cabbage, Winter Savoy
    Savoy cabbage ‘Vertus’ produces heads of finely blistered, dark green ruffled leaves that have a sweet, subtle flavour. This mid-late, frost hardy variety produces cabbages that have the ability to withstand even severe cold weather. Sow April to early June, harvest October to February. Organic Seeds.
  6. Purple Dragon has quickly established itself as a carrot variety that is going to continue to be very popular in years to come.

    Launched in 2005, Purple carrots caused a great stir at grower's and farmers markets. With compelling health benefits and a thumbs-up from taste testers they have quickly established themselves as an interesting choice of many home growers. 'Purple Dragon' has a beautiful purple skin, the deep velvety exterior gives way to a starburst of brilliant orange at the core.

  7. Ideal for container growing, the plants can be grown vertically up netting or horizontally

    Cucumber, Pickling 'Hokus', Organic

    Gherkin, Cornichon or Pickling Cucumber
    Gherkin 'Hokus' is a small green Gherkin variety, which can be cultivated without the use of a greenhouse, as long as the ground is sheltered and amply fertilised. The plants can be grown vertically up netting or can be grown horizontally. Organic Seeds.
  8. This legendary lettuce was first introduced by Peter Henderson & Co. of New York around 1879

    Lettuce 'Henderson's Black Seeded Simpson' Organic

    Loose Leaf Lettuce
    Heritage variety (pre 1879)
    Bright green and crumpled, with very crunchy leaves and an excellent sweet taste, ‘Henderson's Black Seeded Simpson’ is regarded by many as one of the best tasting loose-leaf lettuce varieties available. Fast growing and slow to bolt, it withstands heat, drought, and frost. Harvest for babyleaf or grow to maturity in just 45 days. Organic Seeds.
  9. 'Small Sugar' pumpkins produce small, sweet orange pumpkins shaped like a flattened globe.

    Pumpkin 'Small Sugar'

    Winter Squash

    Pumpkin 'Small Sugar' is a unique size and shape, and is often called "the perfect mini pumpkin". Deep orange and weighing around 2lbs, with 5 and 8 pumpkins per vine the fruits are about half the size of a normal pie pumpkin. The flesh is excellent for pies and the hulless seeds can also be eaten raw or 'toasted.

  10. Purslane 'Green Purslane' Organic

    Purslane 'Green Purslane' Organic

    Summer Purslane, Garden purslane.
    Ancient Crop. In use since the 1600's
    This highly esteemed ancient crop can be used raw in salads, sautéed as a side dish or cooked like spinach. Summer Purslane has a crispy texture you would expect from a succulent and an interesting nutty, peppery flavour. It is salty on the tongue. Organic seeds.
  11. Squash 'Blue Kuri'

    Squash 'Blue Kuri'

    Japanese kabocha-type squash, Blue Hokkaido

    'Blue Kuri' is a traditional open pollinated Japanese squash that has lovely blue-green skin. This beautiful sweet, versatile squash matures in 95 to 110 days to a convenient 15 to 20cm in diameter. Rich, sweet and nutty, the contrast between blue rind and orange flesh looks great on the plate.

  12. Squash 'Buttercup'

    Squash 'Buttercup'

    Japanese kabocha-type squash

    Buttercup squash is a variety of winter squash that's considered the sweetest of squash. Attractive green, slightly ribbed fruits each have a distinctive blossom-end button and flattened turban shape. At around 1.5kg, use for roasting with the joint, soups and pumpkin pie.

  13. Winter Squash 'Honey Bear' is one of the sweetest varieties currently available.

    Squash 'F1 Honey Bear'

    Winter Squash, Acorn Squash

    Winter Squash 'F1 Honey Bear' is a high sugar Acorn type squash. Mini-acorn fruits are just the right size halved for single servings. The compact plants have a semi-bush habit, are early to mature and high yielding. The sweet golden-orange flesh has a flavour that hints of hazelnuts and pepper.

  14. Tomato 'Minibel' has an upright habit that is perfectly suited for a patio container, however, this is no mere ornamental.

    Tomato 'Minibel'

    Cherry Tomato, Compact
    Bush (Determinate)

    Tomato 'Minibel' is a compact variety that produces bite-sized cherry tomatoes with an irresistible, sweet flavour. This stocky determinate, or bush variety grows 35 to 45cm tall and is suitable for growing in pots or containers.

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