If you’re a big fan of tomatoes then the Tomato Collection that will keep you supplied all summer long is just for you.

Tomato Collection

Eight packets of seeds.

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Special Collection Price: $ 15.73

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If you’re a big fan of tomatoes then the Tomato Collection that will keep you supplied all summer long is just for you. This collection brings together eight tomato seed packs with a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes, so you have a tasty ‘Tom’ for all occasions.

The Tomato Collection contains eight packs of seed at a discounted price.
Please click on the plant name for the full details of each variety.

Pack 1:
Tomato 'Ailsa Craig' – 25 seeds.
Dating from 1925, Ailsa Craig is still considered to be one of the finest tomato varieties. It is noted for its vigour and the exceptional flavour of its fruit. Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation, it is heavy cropping and a reliable performer. Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation

Pack 2:
Tomato 'Black Cherry' – 20 Seeds
“Black Cherry” is a lovely jewel of a tomato, still fairly rare, they are the only truly black cherry tomato available. Perfectly round with the classic black tomato flavour, sweet yet rich and complex. Easy to grow and disease resistant. Eat them as you would strawberries!

Pack 3:
Tomato 'Brandywine' - 25 seeds.
Few tomatoes can rival the Brandywine for popularity, they are grown worldwide. With an exceptional rich, succulent flavour and creamy flesh, one picked fresh at the peak of ripeness, tastes so good that it may well set the standard for what a tomato should taste like.

Pack 4:
Tomato 'Garden Pearl' - 30 seeds.
Garden Pearl has been bred specifically for use in hanging baskets and containers. It has a cascading habit and produces a substantial crop of sweet red cherry tomatoes. Use in large pots, tubs, window boxes, even baskets or garden borders.

Pack 5:
Tomato 'Gardeners Delight' - Organic – 50 seeds.
If you are of the opinion tomatoes have lost their flavour 'Gardener's Delight' is a must for you. Easy to grow, heavy cropping and extremely sweet in flavour. The true flavour of tomatoes of a century or more ago. RHS AGM. Certified Organic.

Pack 6:
Tomato 'Green Zebra' – 25 Seeds
The gorgeous, tangy 'Green Zebra' was first introduced in 1983. Since then, the gorgeous, tangy Green Zebra has been the centre piece of salads at many top restaurants worldwide and has become one of the most recognised tomatoes in the Heirloom trade. Rich tasting, sweet but with a tangy taste.

Pack 7:
Tomato 'Jaune Flamme' – 25 Seeds
Jaune Flammé is an unforgettable apricot-coloured tomato. This beautiful heirloom originated with Norbert Perreira of Helliner, France. Intensely orange with a reddish blush on the base, these flame-coloured globes have a rich, tangy and exciting flavour they literally bursts in your mouth. Just marvellous.

Pack 8:
Tomato 'San Marzano'. – 100 seeds.
'San Marzano' is a classic plum/paste type of tomato from Italy, it produces clusters of delicious, elongated fruit.. This variety is a compact and prolific producer and performs best if staked. This heritage tomato is one of the jewels in Campania's crown.

Common Name Eight packets of seeds.
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