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Organic Salad Collection

Ten Packs of tasty and organic salad essentials.
Organic Salad Collection

Ten Packs of tasty and organic salad essentials.

price: €14.70

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

price: €14.70



The Organic Salad Collection contains ten packets of certified organic seeds.
Chosen to give you the chance of sowing and harvesting throughout the year, both in spring and later in summer, so you can get salads in early autumn too.
Please click on the plant name for the full details of each variety.

Pack 1:
Lettuce 'Parris Island' ”

Not all lettuce is created equal. Known as a favorite of both market growers and home gardeners, Parris Island is heat tolerant with fair bolt resistance. Packed with tender, deep green leaves they are more nutritious than other lettuce and a gourmet favorite.

Pack 2:
Lettuce "Little Maureen"
At last a real little gem selection from an Organic source. ‘Maureen’ is a high quality disease resistant selection. The small, compact plants are uniform and quick to mature. They form crisp, tightly filled sweet hearts densely packed with flavour. Organic Seeds

Pack 3:
Lettuce 'Red Salad Bowl'

“Red Salad Bowl” is a large fast growing rosette lettuce with very pretty burgundy green crimped leaves.This award winning variety produces large, slow bolting, non-heading plants with sweet, succulent red leaves. N.I.A.B and RHS AGM.

Pack 4:
Onion, Spring Onion 'White Lisbon'

White Lisbon is traditionally the most popular spring onion for successional sowings from March to September, it can also be sown in autumn and over wintered for early spring harvests. Matures in 60 days. NIAB accreditation and RHS AGM. Organic seed.

Pack 5:Cucumber "Marketmore"
Marketmore is a fantastic slicing cucumber. Reliable and productive and resistant to the diseases that can blight so many cucumbers. Pick daily for the most sublime cucumber experience and remember with cucumbers the more you take the more they give.

Pack 6:
Tomato 'Matina'

An heirloom variety, originally of German origin, this bright red, golf ball sized tomato has the kind of perfect sweet and acidic balance that you normally find in larger, late season tomatoes. Easy to grow and very early maturing, it ripens at about 55 days after transplant.

Pack 7:
Radish 'Celesta'

The first organically available hybrid radish, Radish 'F1 Celesta' is a vigorous, quick growing, high quality variety with good resistance to downy mildew, ideal for combating wet conditions. It gives very uniform round bulbs, with a bright red bulb colour and very good internal quality. Organic Seeds

Pack 8:
Rocket, Arugula 'Cultivated Rocket'

Cultivated Rocket, also known as arugula is a classic salad rocket, it is popular in Italy and Southern France, where it has been grown and eaten for centuries. Typically found in mesclun mixes, It is ideal as a bed for seafood but also makes a wonderful salad on its own.

Pack 9:
Mizuna "Kyona"

The marvelous Mizuna is an oriental wonder! It grows as a large rosette of finely serrated, feathery leaves, which are dark, glossy green, similar to rocket leaves. A very hardy plant and very easy to grow. Organic Seeds.

Pack 10
Corn Salad, Lamb's Lettuce “Vit”

In France this humble plant is called la mâche and enjoys an elevated gourmet status. Vit is an easy to grow, vigorous variety. Mildew-resistant with long, oval, glossy green leaves with a tender, delicate nutty, minty flavour.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Common Name Ten Packs of tasty and organic salad essentials.

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