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Nether Wallop - Paper Potters. Set of Two

Two sizes of the Paper Potter
Nether Wallop - Paper Potters. Set of Two

Two sizes of the Paper Potter

price: €28.20

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

price: €28.20



The Paper Potter.

Paper Potters are a must have product for anyone that grows seeds and cuttings. With both sizes, you will be able to make a biodegradable pot for virtually all of your seedlings and cuttings. And as the pots are made from waste newspaper, there is virtually no limit to the amount of free pots you can produce.

Not only is the newspaper biodegradable and ethically sound compared with plastic pots; this clever device itself is also environmentally sound. Both pieces of the Paper Potters are turned from FSC certified oak, grown in managed woodlands.
The simplicity of the design enables you to make hundreds of pots in a very short time and once filled with compost, and the seed has germinated, there is no need to remove the plant – the entire pot should be planted in the ground. That way, the tiny little hair roots are not disturbed and there is a reservoir of moisture retained in the damp newspaper. The pot will break down naturally once it is in the soil.

Many plants hate being transplanted, so using a bio-degradable pot made out of newspaper is an ideal solution to help anyone who wishes to start off seedlings indoors for transplantation. Once the young plants have hardened off, they can be planted in their biodegradable paper pots without damaging their tender roots. The pots do not disintegrate until planted, even if saturated. This is because the paper pots walls are several layers thick and form a strong structure. The pots will only bio-degrade when they are put into the ground and have no way of drying. The newspaper will rot down and the roots will grow through the newspaper.

The Paper Potters are perfect for the environmentally aware, it is sure to be a favourite, just as the original size is, with organic gardeners and cost conscious. They are presented in gift boxes with full instructions and make a lovely gift for the eco-friendly gardener.

The Paper Potters are beautifully crafted from FSC certified oak. No lacquers or synthetic finishes have been applied to the paper potters leaving the beauty of the natural wood. They are a pleasure to use and will last a lifetime.

The Original Paper Potter is 13cm (4in) tall and will make pots that are 4cm (1¾in) diameter
The "Big" Paper Potter will produce pots 6½cm (2½in) in diameter and 7½cm (3in) high.

The Original Paper Potter is a Green Apple Environment Award Gold winner.
(The Oscars for the British environmental industry!).

FSC Certification
The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.
Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Bonn Germany, the FSC evaluates both forest management activities (forest certification) and tracking of forest products (chain-of-custody certification). Products are verified from the forest of origin right through the supply chain.
The FSC has certified between 8% and 10% of the world's harvestable forests, accounting for more than 180 million acres. The FSC has developed strict principles and criteria to ensure that the world’s forests are managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards designed to meet the needs of present and future generations.
The FSC trademark offers a guarantee that products come from verified, renewable and well-managed resources.

Transplanting is considered by many to be the most stressful event of a plant’s life. Much of the stress caused when transplanting is through delicate roots getting damaged as the seedling is removed from its original pot and relocated.
This is especially true of plants that grow tap roots, (such as members of the family Apiaceae / Umbelliferae) which can be adversely affected when roots are disturbed. Using a bio-degradable pot is an ideal solution to help anyone who wishes to start off seedlings indoors for transplantation.

Hardening Off:
Young plants also suffer with sudden changes in their growing environment. “Hardening off” is the process of acclimating plants from indoor temperatures to the outdoors. Seedlings and plants are usually grown in greenhouses or on kitchen windowsills so have usually been pampered. The inside environment is usually very calm in comparison to the wild outdoors. Light is lower. There is no wind to disturb them and temperatures don't fluctuate as much. If you were to take them straight outdoors, the differences would be great enough that the seedling may go into shock, which could stunt or kill the plant. This is occasionally referred to as “Transplant Shock”
No matter how the seedling has been started, whether grown in plastic cells, recycled take-away trays or bio-degradable pots, seedlings and plants need to be introduced slowly to the change in environmental conditions they will encounter when permanently moved outdoors.

Initially, put plants outdoors only for short periods of time, perhaps for a couple of hours and place them out of direct sun. Cut back a little on watering, this will allow plants to toughen and will prepare them for life outdoors. Gradually increase the time plants are kept outdoors. After 7 to 14 days, these plants will be ready for the outdoor life.
Transplant shock can be minimised by considering the weather conditions and the plant’s growth cycle before moving. Dependent on the time of year, be aware of the possibility of frost and be prepared to protect tender transplants.
Have the planting hole ready to avoid having the plant's roots exposed longer than necessary. Ensure the new transplant receives adequate moisture after it is settled in its new home.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Common Name Two sizes of the Paper Potter

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