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Acanthus mollis
€ 2.34
Bears Breeches, Oyster Plant

If you have the space in your garden this is one plant to choose. Acanthus are robust perennials with handsome, lobed foliage. In late summer, tall racemes of white flowers with dusky purple bracts appear. Used as a motive in architecture and art through ages, Acanthus is a true architectural beauty!

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Alcea rosea var. 'Nigra”
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Althaea rosa, Black Hollyhock

Hollyhocks are a mysterious and prolific flower with a long and rich history. Traditionally associated with cottage-style borders, the dramatic, near-black flowers of Nigra work equally well in a contemporary, minimalist garden. This unique variety creates an impressive impact against most backgrounds.

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Aquilegia vulgaris “William Guinness”
€ 1.74
Also known as “Magpie”

Eye-catching, purple-black flowers with contrasting white centres appear in late spring and early summer above fern-like, mid-green leaves this variety is something special. 'William Guinness' is a superb and reliable Aquilegia variety that makes an ideal cut flower, it grows and blooms well in shady areas.

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Dierama pulcherrimum 'Blackbird'
€ 2.10
Angel Fishing Rods, Fairybells, Hairbells.

“Blackbird“ is an exquisitely beautiful variety. Perhaps the darkest flowered of all Dieramas, from June to August it produces cascades of gorgeous, deep claret-mauve blooms. Each bud expands into a pendant flower so graceful that even on the calmest of days providing continual movement in the garden.

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Digitalis parviflora 'Milk Chocolate Foxglove'
€ 1.44

An aristocrat from Spain with densely packed spikes of cylindrical small chocolate funnels above dark green coloured glossy leaves. The rich foliage has a sheen that sets these dramatic flower spikes off wonderfully. A plant that will stop viewers in their tracks and have them enquiring its identity.

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Geranium phaeum var. phaeum 'Samobor'
€ 2.70
Dusky Cranesbill, Mourning Widow
Hardy Geranium

Geranium phaeum ‘Samobor’ has considerable charm, with luxurious, deep maroon-black flowers which are held high on upright slender stems in late spring to early summer. This beautiful and useful hardy geranium is loved for its amazing deeply scalloped foliage with beautiful dark markings

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Helianthus annuus 'Chocolat'
€ 1.80
Dwarf Chocolate Sunflower
This is another fine, award winning dwarf Sunflower, with deep chocolate-coloured flowers it is a dwarf variety, suitable to the middle rather than back of the border. It is a much-branching plant producing lovely, opulent blooms five inches or so across in a rich chocolate brown.
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Helleborus x hybridus "Black Beauty"
€ 3.54
Hellebore, Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose
(formerly Helleborus orientalis)

Originating from one of the country's top hellebore breeders. Hellebore 'Black Beauty' is a choice variety. The deepest plums and purples open from slate coloured buds, many plants having the extra bonus of the dark foliage of their parents.

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Nemophila menziesii var. discoidalis 'Pennie Black'
€ 1.74
Baby Eyes

Nemophila Pennie Black is a superb, easy to grow annual with masses of sumptuous deep purple to black, silver edged blooms produced on low ground hugging plants. Slightly trailing they are lovely in containers or used as an edging in bedding and borders.

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Papaver paeoniflorum "Black Peony"
Peony or Paeony Poppy
The Black Peony Poppy has fascinating, large fully double, dark purple-maroon, almost black flowers, with lovely crinkled petals. When the flowers burst open from their casings, the gardener is treated to some of the most dramatic flowers in the plant kingdom.
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Tacca chantrieri
€ 2.10
Black Bat Flower, Bat Head Lily, Bat Plant

Tacca chantrieri was the first of the species to make a splash in the horticultural world. The cluster of luridly coloured flowers are the deepest maroon, almost black. They are also known as “Cats Whiskers” after the long bracts that emanate from the flower scape.

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Viola cornuta 'Sawyers Black'
€ 1.62

This small undemanding perennial resembles bedding violas with delicate velvety purple-black flowers with a yellow eye. Lovely for growing in groups of three or five among other small plants towards the front of a border and beautiful as a carpet below roses or mixed shrubs.

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Viola hybrida 'Sorbet F1 Black Delight'
€ 2.22
Viola, Horned Violet.

One of the newest and most dramatic of colourways, 'Sorbet F1 Black Delight' produces deep, velvety purple-black blooms, each with a golden-yellow eye. They are ideally suited for spring and autumn use in garden beds, pot and patio containers and baskets.

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Viola x wittrockiana "Velour Frosted Chocolate"
€ 1.74
Viola, Mini Pansy
'Frosted Chocolate’ is one of the Velour series of violas developed in England and released in 2006. This amazing formation is often referred to as the ‘mini pansy’ because it has inherited its characteristics from the small Viola cornuta and larger ‘pansy’ Viola wittrockiana.
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