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Allotment Special Collection

Ten Vegetable Packs
Allotment Special Collection

Ten Vegetable Packs

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Availability: In stock

price: $11.13



The Allotment Special Collection has been one of most popular products since its launch.

It features ten varieties of vegetables that have been carefully chosen for their quality and performance, to provide reliable and nutritious fare for your kitchen table.
The easy way to get your vegetable patch started. And to top it all, you make a saving of over 20%!

Each of the varieties are supplied with an A5 information sheet containing colour pictures, information about the plant, sowing guidelines and cultivation advice.

Cabbage 'Golden Acre'
Golden Acre is an excellent early summer variety ball head cabbage. With small to medium-sized green solid heads on compact plants. Ideal for confined areas, it can be grown at 30cm spacings. This heritage variety gives excellent heads of first rate quality and flavour.

Cauliflower 'Snowball'
Cauliflower Snowball is a superb heritage variety from the 1890's, this regular favourite has certainly stood the test of time. This easy maintenance variety is very suitable for the home gardener, the pure white, snowball-sized heads can be harvested when small or left to mature.

Broccoli 'Early Purple Sprouting
If more people tasted home grown purple sprouting broccoli they would surely cultivate it. You would see it on London balconies, in country herbaceous borders and standing proud in every kitchen garden in the land. Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli has been selected for its hardiness, flavour and heavy cropping, having good quality spears that can be harvested over many weeks.

Brussel Sprouts 'Bedford Darkmar 21'
Bedford Darkmar 21 is an open pollinated variety with mid to late season maturity. It produces medium-large dark green sprouts with a deliciously delicate flavour. A heavy cropper, it can be harvested from December so is ideal for Christmas.

Onion 'Rijnsburger 5'
Rijnsburger 5 is an excellent Dutch white bulbing onion that produces uniform sized bulbs, large globe-shaped with thin necks. They have a beautiful firm straw coloured skin, pure white flesh and a good flavour and will store well throughout winter until March.

Leek 'Musselburgh'
With medium-dark green tops and large, tender, white stalks which have a mild flavour, leek ‘Musselburgh’ is is a very dependable performer that has been around for more than 90 years. One of the most useful types of leek, being one that can be picked over winter from December to April when there is little else in the vegetable garden…a very hardy leek.

Beetroot 'Boltardy'
Beetroot 'Boltardy' is a very popular and reliable globe-shaped beetroot, first introduced in the early 1960s. Boltardy is a tried-and-tested cultivar, which is used as a yardstick against which other beetroot are measured.
This smooth skinned globe variety, has excellent resistance to bolting. With good colour and a sweet fresh flavour, it is recommended for early sowing. Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit, it is also recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany.

Carrot 'Nantes 2'
Suitable as both second early and as a maincrop, Nantes 2 is virtually coreless with a tender texture, deep orange colour and sweet flavour. An excellent variety for early and successional crops producing uniform blunt-ended cylindrical roots.

Parsnip 'White Gem'
White Gem is highly recommended for use on all soils, with shorter roots than some other varieties and fine, white smooth skin. They are easy to grow, need little maintenance and can be left in the soil until ready to use.

Turnip 'Purple Top Milan'
Purple Top Milan is a classic Italian heirloom variety and is still as popular as ever. Highly ornamental, it has smooth creamy-white flat roots with bright purple shoulders and pure white flesh. A strap-leaved variety, quick to mature and early cropping, it is an ideal catch crop between slower growing vegetables.

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Common Name Ten Vegetable Packs

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